Discovered end of Shadow of the Tomb Raider uncovered

You can see if the game is passed without the launch patch.

Players who finish Shadow of the Tomb Raider will see an ending, but that end is a result of the pitch patch. The game, without any kind of patch, includes an ending with a small different detail that represents an important change and represents a very obvious nod to the first title of the saga, the original of 1996. This has been discovered thanks to the questions about the final that a user posted on the official forums and that seemed to make no sense to the rest of the community.

The player who has discovered this is a Japanese user who lives in a small town with very slow access to the internet, so he has no possibility to download patches or updates with agility. This has led him to find this alternative ending.

The end that all the players can see and their main feature

When the players see the end they will be able to enjoy a scene in which Lara Croft has returned home. In this sequence, there is a children’s drawing of his father and a nod to the past of the saga: a pyramid and a dinosaur. The end in question is this:

The different ending that can be seen without patches

However, in the official forums a player asked for an item that was not there. The reaction of the community was disbelief.

The user asked for a letter from Natla. Jaqueline Natla was the main antagonist of the first game and the letter would be a nod that would seem to link with the 1996 title. The problem is that this letter does not exist in the end after the patch, in the same way that there is no drawing in this end of Lara’s father with pyramids and dinosaurs.

The majority of community members who accused this user of trying to deceive them and even being a troll have apologized after exposing these tests. One of them has managed to reproduce the situation in which it is possible to see that ending and has uploaded a video to higher quality that you can see below:

The situation is peculiar. It is not strange that the games have discarded content hidden in the code or that the patches introduce some changes, usually minor. However, this is a change that, while small, suggests that a last-minute decision has been made regarding the future of the saga.

Going from a direct and express reference to the villain of the 1996 game to its omission suggests that it is possible that the company has made a decision on the next installment of Tomb Raider when the records were already being recorded or at some time in which it was considered that this part of the game could not be modified without delaying it.

If we take into account that the actress after Lara does not believe that she will re-interpret it, it is possible that the option of a fourth installment of this reboot of the world of Tomb Raider that has been finally discarded was under way.

We will have to be attentive to possible explanations that arrive officially from the company.


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