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The Indie Road to Release

Hound Picked Games, the parent company of award winning indie PR and consultancy, PR Hound, form the perfect synergy as a one stop ‘Indie’ gaming solution, is pleased to announce the company is now ready to release a number of exciting Indie titles with more to come.

Total Global Penetration!
Hound Picked Games is a company built on the expertise and renowned skills of its team whose industry knowledge, application and experience is unsurpassed. Working closely with indie developers from around the world, they offer full PR, Kickstarter campaign management, full platform release along with social media management, community management and more. Hound Picked Games will maximise the potential of an indie title from the embryonic stage right through to release.


It Could Be You!
Born out of love of discovering amazing indie games – Hound Picked Games selects and targets original titles, that they themselves would like to play, from passionate developers around the world who share the same values. As well as understanding what it takes to make and create a great game from an idea to its release date, the team ensure that the pathway to success is focused for the indie developer towards development, and the creation of their title. Hound Picked Games can market, localise, set up release around the world on a number of platforms, whilst PRing the title along many other administrative and management tasks.
It’s an exciting time for players and developers, with indie games receiving critical acclaim and huge audiences all over the world ready to dive into them. Let Hound Picked Games be your guide. If you have the game, we have the skills and we have the connections to ensure that we maximise the potential of your release. Its free to talk, and contacting us is just a Skype or email away“.
Kristian Wingfield-Bennet, Hound Picked Games.
Over the next quarter Hound Picked Games is due to publish a number of titles under its own brand or via co-publishing. A series of new and exciting Kickstarter projects will also be underway and already the team has helped indie developers secure over $2.6 million on Kickstarter.
Hound Picked to Perfection
Presently a number of Hound Picked Games title are in developement, many of which are multi format including:
Much acclaimed, DEVADER, coming on a number of platforms is a defensive, multi-directional shoot’em up that brings back the magic of the 90s in a fresh new take. With frenzied action and unusual mechanics Devader will keep players challenged and entertained. Take on the hordes of attacking enemies with 1-4 gamers in local co-op. The procedurally generated, gyrating, pulsating and undulating creatures are as exciting to view as they are satisfying to kill!
The eagerly anticipated Battle Princess Madelyn will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation®4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U and PC.
Join Madelyn on her quest of self-discovery as she helps others, and not just herself, to becomes a wiser more mature knight and to save her family and kingdom from the clutches of evil. Featuring a 10 level Arcade mode for the action hungry old school game player – levels designed specifically for a fast action arcade experience. An array of weaponry to choose from, each with its own unique abilities, which are also modified by the three different types of armour the player can receive on their way through the game. Loads of ghouls, demons and bosses to crush on your way to becoming the kingdom’s most powerful defender.
NAIRI: Tower of Shirin, developed by, HomeBearStudio is a super cute point & click adventure. A unique family-friendly, yet with a mature story and challenging puzzles! The player follows Nairi, an abandoned upper-class girl, and Rex, a rugged scholar rat, as they uncover a dark mystery within the exotic oasis city of Shirin. NAIRI: Tower of Shiring will be released on a number of platforms and also features an engaging storyline complete with a beautiful soundtrack.
HyperParasite, which will release on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, is a relentless rogue-lite SHMUP adventure. With World War III nearing its demise, Earth only just begins to catch its breath when it is threatened by yet another menace. Unlike the preposterous mullets of its inhabitants however, this one’s invisible – a parasitic organism capable of making hosts of unsuspecting human beings, consuming what’s left of their souls and wreaking unfathomable havoc. Martial laws have been declared to make way for a global hunt, battle-hardened law enforcers have made allies of the most degenerate of criminals, while the rest of the world is paralysed with paranoia; yet who can be trusted? Who can see it, let alone destroy it? That’s for them to worry about. For you are the enemy. You are the organism with a mission. You are HyperParasite.

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