World-Wide Archer Class Update Coming to Black Desert Online

Seoul, South Korea – December 12, 2018 – Adventurers all over the world can finally get their hands on the highly-anticipated Archer coming to Black Desert Online through a first-ever worldwide update today. Moreover, the game now features a completely revamped main story to take Adventurers on a more insightful and immersive journey through the Black Desert world.

Unlike any other class, the Archer is able to use both his main weapon, the Crossbow, and his Awakened weapon, the Greatbow, from the very beginning to attack enemies from afar. The Archer also uses various magic skills during combat to throw off his opponents. As a result, the Archer brings a whole new type of combat style to the game, which Adventurers can finally experience starting today. To celebrate the long-awaited release, the game is also putting on three rewarding events, happening from December 12 to January 9.

First, Adventurers can transfer all the Combat and Skill EXP earned by their Archer to another character during the event period. This means Adventurers can not only test out the new class, but also level up two different characters at once. To add, Adventurers can collect various rewards when they reach levels 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 with their Archer character. Finally, a BONUS! “Fighting Spirit” Hot Time! is coming to Black Desert Online to celebrate the new Archer class. During this time, Adventurers can expect to see their Combat EXP increase by 100% and their Skill EXP by 30%. Find more information about all the events here.

Along with the Archer update, the main story of Black Desert Online now has a renewed beginning comprising more in-depth information on main characters, relationships, historical context as well as new characters and settings. As Adventurers progress throughout the game, the main story will branch out into different paths based on in-game decisions. Adventurers can now rediscover the Black Desert world through the enhanced narrative.

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