New Trailer | Breach Class Video – The Auros Gladiator


Breach, the upcoming co-op, RPG dungeon “brawler” from QC Games, will have over 20 different classes to select from – so choosing the right class might be pretty tough. Well, QC Games has come to the rescue by showcasing a new class trailer from Breach and this week, it’s the close-combat, air juggling madness of the Auros Gladiator!

As one of the most exciting melee classes in Breach, the Auros Gladiator is all about taking on and isolating strong and Elite enemies with a continuous onslaught of aerial combos. If you’re a fan of certain third-person action games that involve lots of air juggling, then you’ll find the Auros Gladiator right up your alley.

Special Breach pre-order packages are available starting at $24.99 – players now can visit and take advantage of exclusive offers from the various pre-order packs that include Steam Early Access, and unique in-game items like sprays, dance emotes, digital artbook, and much more.

Also for those gamers registered for upcoming Breach Technical Alpha this weekend, please note the following days and hours to jump into the game – also content creators are allowed to record and livestream during the following hours:

  • Friday (11/9) from 3:00PM CDT to 7:00PM CDT
  • Saturday (11/10) from 6:00 PM CDT to 10:00 PM CDT
  • Sunday (11/11) from 3:00 PM CDT to 7:00 PM CDT

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