True Terror Awaits in The Conjuring House – Out Now

Psychological Monstrosities Arrive in Time for All Hallows’ Eve Delivering Relentless Anxiety and Abject Terror

September 25, 2018 – This Halloween, the disfigured and demonic residents of The Conjuring House reign supreme over anyone who dares to cross their doorstep. RYM Games announced today that The Conjuring House, their psychologically-driven horror title, is now available on Steam for $19.99 (a 20% discount from $24.99). Players will be put in a constant state of anxiety that crescendos into raw panic and terror. Do not expect your average horror game – players will experience things in The Conjuring House that only dwell in the deepest, darkest corners of their nightmares. Truly terrifying horrors await players in the game, from human sacrifices, to demonic entities who lurk around every corner, yearning to kill you. A nod to classic horror games, The Conjuring House is designed to be challenging – where just when you think you can’t solve the next challenge, you do, and delve deeper into the darkness.

The Conjuring House is now available on Steam for $19.99 (a 20% discount from $24.99).

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