One Gamer Fund Brings Industry Together For Second Annual Fundraiser Event

Weekend-Long Steam Sale to Benefit Major Gaming Charities

Boston, MA – 20 Sept. 2018 – One Gamer Fund, an initiative committed to supporting AbleGamers, Child’s Play, Games for Change, Global Game Jam, IGDA Foundation, Stack-Up and Take This, are for the second year in a row offering a Steam sale benefiting seven of the most significant video game charities.

45 titles including Crypt of the Necrodancer, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, Goat Simulator and Mini Metro are on sale today through 23 Sept. some up to 85% off. Publishers TinyBuild and Devolver Digital are offering games from their libraries including Clustertruck, Gods Will Be Watching, Party Hard and Titan Souls.

Fifty percent of proceeds from the One Gamer Fund Steam sale will be divided amongst the supported organizations. The nonprofits will use the money received to help the growing pool of gamers and developers through the outstanding work they do in their communities.

“Each of the partnering organizations is focused on serving people who are playing or making games,” says Seven Siegel, co-founder, One Gamer Fund and executive director, Global Game Jam. “From helping children in hospitals smile through the power o play to using games to make the world a better place, the funds raised through the generosity of gamers will go right back to those in our community who most need our support.”

For more information, visit the One Gamer Fund website.

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