Elsword Launches Final Varnimyr Dungeon, Shadow Vein

New Trailer Shows What Darkness Awaits the El Search Part

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, today launched a new dungeon in Elsword; Shadow Vein continues the El Search Party’s adventures in the newest realm, Varnimyr

Only those who hopelessly traverse the shadow laden catacombs of Varnimyr know of the corruption that lurks beneath. The power of the Dark El seethes from the crystals that line the veins below. Nero, the self-proclaimed right hand of the Demon Lord Ran, will stop at nothing to end the existence of the El Search Party here… in the Shadow Vein.

To celebrate the addition of the final dungeon, the Everyday in Varnimyr event will happen daily through September 18. Level 99 players that connect for 20 minutes will receive awesome rewards to help them traverse the demon realm. In addition, players can complete daily quests in Varnimyr to earn Mystic Stone Fragments. Not level 99 yet? Play two dungeons in your level range every day to collect different rewards!

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