ARK: Extinction – The Final Chapter Begins

Finish your journey through the worlds of ARK in ‘Extinction’!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 6th, the end is near! The time has come to finish your journey through the worlds of ARK:Survival Evolved. As the Earth has become infested by Elements and new creatures both organic and technological, you will discover the secrets of the Titans themselves. Prepare your dinosaurs, build your machines, and grab your plasma rifle as the Titans roam across the planet and await your challenge. Can you defeat the Titans and complete the ARK cycle to secure Earth’s future?

Brand new features await you in ARK: Extinction, including:

  • Orbital Supply Drops: In a random world encounter, a crate will plummet from the sky and down to Earth, releasing a giant shield and attracting hordes of Elemental Infested Dinosaurs determined to destroy the crate. Build, battle, and defend the crate long enough for powerful rewards and a unique challenge never seen before in ARK.
  • Titans: A boss the likes you’ve never seen before — massive Titans roam the Earth powerful enough to make even the mightiest T-Rex whimper. Gather your friends, all your dinos, and all of your weapons… you’ll need them all if you want to survive.


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