[Update Preview] Patala Raid and Halloween Events

Hello, players! With a new update coming next week, we wanted to give you all a look at what exciting content is in store.

Patala Raid

First up is a brand new raid! This dungeon is for a maximum of ten players in a raid party, and can be entered by talking with the NPC Anahrata, the Patala Ruins Seal Guide, near the entrance of the ruins. Players must be level 45 and have a minimum gear score of 8913 to enter, and can do so once per week.

Players will encounter six bosses within the dungeon, including the final boss Ananta, who can drop rewards such as the Sword Body of Flogas (a material for enhancing weapons), the Storm weapon series, and new legendary level 45 weapons. The mid-bosses drop other rewards, including Ananta’s Flame (a material used for crafting Lvl 45 legendary armor), Contorted Wings of the Beyond and Contorted Chain of the Beyond (materials for enhancing armor), and the Animosity armor series.

Halloween Events

In addition to the new raid, it’s spooky season! We know you love this time of year, and so do we. To celebrate it, we have a whole bunch of themed events for you to take part in Bless!

The October login event will be running from October 1 – October 31, and players who log in for fifteen days will be able to receive 50 sapphires, 350 rose stones, and 230 beryl! For logging in and getting an Attendance Check on the other fourteen days, players will be given a variety of rewards including magic pet and mount animas, pet and mount skins, Nutrition Refreshments, a companion skill change token, and more! Further details about the event will be released soon.

In-game, things are even more festive! The Halloween events will be held from October 4 – November 7th, and during that time players can participate in several different quests.

Jack-O’-Lantern Event

Players can find the NPC to start these quests either in the Noble’s District Cemetery inside Hieracon (for Hieron) or in the Cemetery Park in Spezia (for Union). From there, players receive the first quest, Memories of the Ghost Festival, and are asked to collect several appropriately themed items to complete the quest, including a scary mask, a knife, and candy. Players are then rewarded with a Scary Ghost Festival Set that includes a mask and costume.

The second quest, Preparations for the Ghost Festival, asks players to gather pumpkin items. Players who complete the quest will get a 30 day Scary Ghost Festival mask.

The third Jack-O’-Lantern quest, Festival Lights, requires players to defeat certain dungeon bosses (who will be sporting pumpkins on their heads) and collect Flames of Souls from them. Upon quest completion, players will receive a Jack-o’-lantern Lucky Box.

Witch Raven Event

Witch Raven, the NPC for this quest set, can be found in Skaa Village for both Hieron and Union players. The first quest, Candy or Corn, asks players to collect Cursed Candy by defeating monsters in the Cornus region who drop the item. Once players collect the candy, they will be awarded the Insightful Lens From the Other World that they will need for the next quest, and 10 Greater Taming Scrolls.

For Mysterious Rumor, the next quest, players will need to use the Insightful Lens From the Other World to begin. This will allow them to see a new NPC in the Cornus Valley that they must defeat. After attaining victory and turning in the quest, players will get a 7-day Creepy Skull Horse mount.

In the final quest, Visitor in the Dark, players must succeed in the Kuat Ran raid, after which they will be mailed items that will allow them to craft a Witch’s Lucky Pouch. Upon turning this item in to Witch Raven, players may receive either a Witch’s Lucky Pouch or a Handkerchief with the Breath of the Battlefield.

Other Halloween Treats

Additionally, during the Halloween Event time, players may acquire pumpkins at random when gathering. They can then use these to craft Scary Ghost Festival Masks. NPCs may also randomly spawn when players are gathering, and if the player successfully tames them, they may obtain a Magic Rare pet at random. These tameable NPCs can also spawn during the fight with the Mysterious Rumors NPC if the player succeeds in bringing the NPC’s health below a certain level.

As a bonus, all throughout the Halloween event, if players die, they will receive a pumpkin head rather than resurrection after effects.

We look forward to seeing you all showing your Halloween spirit with your new costumes! We don’t think anyone will “boo” your new looks.



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