Girls’ Frontline DLC Marches into DJMAX RESPECT

One of 2018’s highest rated games, DJMAX RESPECT, is proud to announce that it’s all new Girls’ Frontline DLC is out today on PlayStation 4. DJMax is one of the longest running and most respected rhythm game series in existence. With a proud heritage on Sony PlayStation platforms stretching back to 2006, the DJMax series has sold millions of copies the world over. It sits in the Hall of Fame for 2018 on OpenCritic’s 2018 games, as one of the highest rated games of the year holding Strong at 87/100. Today marks the launch of a much anticipated DLC – The Girls’ Frontline song pack.

“We are thrilled with how much love the PlayStation community has given DJMAX RESPECT since we launched it in the west earlier this year.,” says Ji Soo Moon, CEO of Neowiz. “The Girls’ Frontline DLC is one of the most fun new packs of songs we’ve ever made for the DJMax series, and we can’t wait for our players to test their skills with the new challenges.”

The DLC features brand new songs from the massive hit mobile game, Girls’ Frontline, as well as brand new custom UI skins, gear skins, and note skins all themed for Girls’ Frontline. The DLC is available beginning today, September 4th, for $4.99.

The New Songs:

  • Barbarous Funera
  • Frontline
  • What am I fighting for?

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